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Song and File Index, A-Z • 195½ Songs and Counting!

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Song and File Index, A-Z • 195½ Songs and Counting!

Postby Monty Harper » Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:23 pm

Songs Listed by Title

:video: = These songs have video to watch.
:D = Download these songs as free MP3s, or listen online.
:pod: = Hear these songs featured in a podcast or radio show.
:music: = Download guitar chords or sheet music for these songs.
:lesson: = Download study guides or lesson plans for these songs.
:award: = These are my award-winning songs!

:pod: Acrocanthosaurus - a tribute to the Oklahoma State Dinosaur, thanks to the Museum of the Red River in Idabel, OK
:video: :pod: Ain't It Beautiful - A Born to Do Science song about Cheryl Baker's research on breeding aphid resistant strains of wheat at the USDA.
All My Friends - A Project REACH song about drug-free friends
Alphabet Rag - Do you know your alphabet - backwards?
American Stew - A workshop song, written with 4th graders - we're all part of the American Stew!
:D The Ancient Chinese Pickle - Written with 4th graders at Richmond Elementary - Never fear, Captain Corndog is here!
Anole in Love - A Born to Do Science love song inspired by Dr. Matt Lovern's research on lizard communication.
The Ants in Your Pants Dance Song Song - It's the ants in your pants dance song to end all ants in your pants dance songs!

Back Off! - A Project REACH song attacking tobacco company advertising aimed at kids.
:pod: Bat Man - The bat man studies the tree of life
:D The Battle of the Green Eyed Potato - Written with 4th graders at Richmond Elementary - a kid tells a tall tale.
:video: :D Be Creative At Your Library - Theme song for the 2009 summer library programs
Belly Like a Bongo - Play your body like a musical instrument!
:award: :music: Big Red Fire Truck - I'm a big red fire truck. I save lives - that's what I do!
:music: Big World After All - A celebration of cultural diversity.
:pod: Birthday Boogaloo - A rock & roll alternative to "Happy Birthday."
:music: Blast Into Books - Verses celebrate Star Wars and Star Trek - great in the movies, but even better in books!
Books, Ahoy! - Sail away aboard three great books: Charlotte's Web, Winnie the Pooh, and Peter Pan.
:video: :music: :lesson: Boom Town - Celebrates the excitement of building a turn of the century Oklahoma oil boom town.
:pod: Born to Do Science - Compares a baby's exploration of her world to the scientific method.
The Brainiacs - A family discovers their genius after turning off the TV.

:D Camp PBC - Written with 5th graders at Richmond Elementary - a song about kids and parents.
:music: Can It Be Over? - The time has come to say goodbye. How can it be over so soon?
Can You Guess? - Can you guess what I am? It's like a Blue's Clues mystery in a song.
:music: The Cat Came Back - A new version of an old folk song, with a surprise ending.
:video: :D Catch the Reading Bug - A theme song for the 2008 Summer Library Programs - can you catch the reading bug?
:video: Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo (Mr. Billy) - Dance like a train engine!
Citizen of the World (Will Hale) - Celebrate your global citizenship!
:D Citizen Scientist - This Born to Do Science song inspired by the research of Dr. Janette Steets illustrates how ordinary citizens be scientists.
Cowboy Dreams - Let's be cowboys together, pardner!
Creepy Crawly Party Time - A workshop song about a bug party - at your house!

Dance Dance Dance - Make up a crazy dance and dance, dance, dance!
Dinosuar ABCs - A is for Allosaurus, etc.
:award: Diving in the Deep Blue Sea - An underwater adventure in a book.
:music: Dog Books - What do you do if your parents won't let you get the pet you want?
:pod: Don't Look I'm Making a Book - Tells the story of a girl who gets lost in her work - literally.
:D :video: Dream Big - Theme song for the 2012 summer library programs.
:D Drop Everything and Read! (D.E.A.R.) - The perfect way to introduce DEAR time in your classroom!

:music: Eleanor Gerbil - The tale of a lonely boy and his gerbil, inspired by the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby.
Escape of the Bugs - This is a reprise to "The Kid Who Ate a Bug" - the bugs are heading out!
Everybody Wants One - I knew I had to have one - because I saw it on TV!
Everything is Changing - A workshop song about growing up.

Fifty Ways to Say No to Drugs - What would you say if offered drugs in different situations?
Fran - A celebration of Fran, the acrocanthosaurus at the Museum of the Red River in Idabel, OK.
:D Freedom Shines on America - A workshop song written with fourth graders at Washington Grade Center in Ada, OK.
:music: Fred's Frog Flippy - A watched frog never hops!
:music: Frog Song - What happens if you kiss a frog, she turns into a princess, and she doesn't like it?

The Gentlemen Are Dancing on Their Toes - A circle of puns.
:award: Get a Clue - Got questions? Get a clue at your library!
Get Creative - Let your library inspire you!
:D Get Outta My Head - Written with 5th graders at Skyline Elementary - a song about standing up for yourself.
:D Gimme That Green Paper Stuff - Written with 5th graders at Skyline Elementary - money, money, money!
:D :pod: :music: Gimme Vegetables- I'm a lean mean green bean eating machine!
Good Clean Fun - This Project REACH song is an advertisement for good clean alcohol-free fun.
:pod: Goodnight Sun (Mr. Billy) - a sweet lullaby.
:pod: Grain of Sand - Luminescence dating, from the sample's point of view.
Grandma's House Tonight - A wild car trip around the country to Grandma's House.
:D Granny Get Funky - Written with 5th graders at Skyline Elementary - this granny knows how to party!
:music: The Great Green Squishy Mean Bibliovore - A cross between a bookworm and a dinosaur...
Green Footprint - A Born to Do Science song, inspired by the research of Dr. Bill Henley.

:D Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library, Detectives Version
:D Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library, Dr. Seuss Version
:D :music: Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library, Live Version - plus many additional verses! Can you guess the hero in each verse?
:D :lesson: Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library, Oklahoma Version
Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library (Two of a Kind)
The Hawaiian Alphabet Song - A workshop song that teaches the Hawaiian alphabet.
Hide and Seek - Ready or not!
:music: Horny Toad - Everything you wanted to know and more about the Texas Horned Lizard.
How Many Days? - Dedicated to Monty's wife, Lisa, on their first wedding anniversary - your basic mathematical love song.
:music: :lesson: Howdy Song - How many languages can you say hello in?
:pod: :music: Hummingbird Hum - Bright little jewel of the backyard birds.

I Can't Follow You There - The singer's best friend is becoming a drug user.
:award: :pod: :music: I Go Bananas - Go bananas for bananas!
:award: :pod: :music: I Took My Dragon For a Walk - What happens if your pet is, shall we say, a bit over-exuberant?
I Wish I Were Back in Hawaii - A workshop song - What can you do in Hawaii? Learn all about it!
I'd Sooner Read- Written for the 1996 Oklahoma reading campaign of the same name.
:lesson: If Kids Ruled the World - A workshop song written with fourth graders - what a wacky, wacky world it would be!
I'm Not Bald - Really, I'm not - no, really!
Imagine That - In my city children are the most important thing!
Insect Zoo - Guess what I've got in my insect zoo!
It Could Have Been Worse (ScribbleMonster) - Whatever happens, it could've been worse!
:award: :music: It's Hard to Love a Reptile - ...when you know she don't love you back!
:pod: It's Not Fair (When Your Mother is a Scientist) - A Born to Do Science Café song; what if your mother was a developmental psychologist?

Jungle Junk - Way up in the treetops talking to Tarzan - an upbeat nonsense song featuring wacky animals.
Junior Detectives Club - Observation, Deduction, and Sheer Determination will lead us to succeed at being super-slueths!

K-Street Rag - An instrumental - ragtime piano.
The Kid Who Ate a Bug - Yes, it's true, he ate a living bug! And the bugs are multiplying...

Left Brain Right Brain - A Born to Do Science song inspired by Dr. Shelia Kennison's research into how the brain parses language.
:video: :music: The Legend of Old Rip - Based on a real local legend. In Eastland, TX, citizens enshrined a live horny toad within the cornerstone of the courthouse.
Library Bookaneers- Hey, ho, whadoya know? Head for the high seas with these rollicking library adventurers!
Lisa Lee Elizabeth - This poor girl has more names than you can count on all your fingers and all your toes put together!
:award: :pod: :music: Loose Tooth - It's funny, it's gross - it's the worst way to loose a tooth!
:music: Love This Baby - I don't wait for the sun to shine, I love this baby all the time!

:music: Magical Madcap Tour- A goofy trip around the continents.
Mayday Fair (David Brinkman) - A medieval fair.
Meet the Planets - A whirlwind tour of the Solar System.
:pod: Microbe Hunter - A Born to Do Science Café song about hunting for new forms of life.
Mixed Up Wacky Song - This is a workshop song about everything!
:pod: The Molecular Eye - A Born to Do Science Café song; how can single celled organisms "see"?
My Brother Stuck a Bean Up His Nose - And it's still there I suppose.
My Friend Jake - Meet a 400 pound gorilla - who likes to read.
My One and Only Vole - A Born to Do Science song inspired by Tomica Blocker's research with monogamous prairie voles.
My Toilet and I - This song is based on a true story of plumbing gone terribly wrong!
My Video Camera - Make a happy movie for a YouTube world.

Never Kool - A Project REACH song - cigarettes are never cool in any situation!
:award: :D :pod: 1907 - My great great grandpa was there to celebrate when Oklahoma became a state!
No Alcohol For Me - A Project REACH song - when other kids pressure you to drink, what are you going to say?
No Blues at All - A punny love song.
:D No Go Tell - A Project REACH song about three things to do if you are bothered by a stranger and need to get help.
Nursery Rhyme Rock and Roll- Favorite nursery rhymes set to a rock & roll beat.

Oddballs Singing Around- An exercise in recording weirdness.
:pod: Oklahoma Annie - An Oklahoma cowgirl rides an Oklahoma pony named Oklahoma Annie, who can do anything!
:D Oklahoma Has Crazy Weather - Written with 4th graders at Richmond Elementary
:D :lesson: Oklahoma Heroes at the Library - Can you guess the Oklahoma hero in each verse?
:pod: Oklahoma Kids: A Kaleidoscope - We are Oklahoma's future, we shine bright with every color, a kaleidoscope.
:music: :lesson: Oklahoma Land Rush, 1889 - What's your plan of action when the bugler blows?
:pod: Old Pink Dinosaur - This workshop song about a neglected toy is only partially written - can you finish it?
Our Principal Plays in a Rock n Roll Band - I perform this song in schools sometimes, if I can get the principal to participate!
:D Our Sixth Grade Teacher Is Something Else - Written with 5th graders at Skyline Elementary, about a teacher from outer space!
Out on the Beach - Family fun in the sand and sun.

Pandamonium at the Library - What happens when you teach a little mouse to read?
Patrick the Packrat - You'll find all kinds of cool stuff in Patrick's pockets - but one thing you'll never find is tobacco!
:D (url=http://montysongs.freeforums.org/party-animals-t252.html]Party Animals[/url] - Written with 5th graders at Richmond Elementary - animals take over the pet store at night.
:music: Paws Claws Scales and Tales - Do you know these famous pets from books?
Paws Claws Scales and Tales Reprise - It's all about a bond of love!
:pod: :music: A Pet Like That - Wouldn't it be cool to have a pet like the ones you read about in Dr. Seuss?
Pet Rock - Neighborhood animals gather at night to make rock n roll music.
Photosynthesis Machine - A Born to Do Science song inspired by Dr. Rob Burnap's research on the mechanisms of photosynthesis.
:D Pirate Treasure - Digging down deep for a pirate treasure!
Pizza, Pizza - Workshop song. If you were a pizza, what kind would you be?
:D Planet Middle School - Written with 5th graders at Skyline Elementary - students imagine what sixth grade will be like.
Play It On Your Nose - Did you know you have a musical instrument in the middle of your face?
:music: Pop Up Sit Down - It's a song about opposites, and you'll get your exercise.
Popular - A Born to Do Science song inspired by Dr. Lara Mayeux's research into teen popularity.
Predators, Prey, and the Games They Play - A Born to Do Science song inspired by Dr. Barney Luttbeg's research in modeling the movements of predators and prey.
:video: The Princess and the Farmer's Son- Our story-loving hero subdues a dragon and wins the heart of a princess.
:video: Psychology - Can you tell me what's wrong with me? A Born to Do Science song, inspired by the research of Dr. Caleb Lack.

Quarks and Electrons - A Born to Do Science song inspired by Dr. Flera Rizatdinova's work on the ATLAS detector at the LHC.

Reading Makes Me Want to Dance Out Loud - Dance like these picture book characters!
Refrigerator Art - It's a phrase we reserve for the best of the best!
Rock & Roll, Read All About It - It's the history of Rock set to music!
Rocking Around Hawaii - A workshop song that teaches something about each of the islands.
Roswell, New Mexico - Visitors from space find a fun hot spot on an out of the way planet.
:video: :award: :pod: :music: Roundy Round - A song about planetary motion, guaranteed to make you dizzy.
Rustbusters - A Born to Do Science song inspired by Dr. Stephen Marek's research on switchgrass rust.

:video: Santa's Laugh - That might be Santa, but how do we know?
:pod: The Science Frontier - May we never see its boundary!
:music: Silly Song - This is a silly silly silly silly silly silly silly silly silly silly silly silly song!
:D Silly Sock Monkey - Written with 5th graders at Richmond Elementary - Sock Monkey fears the bath!
:video: :pod: Skeleton Dance- An instrumental.
Sleep Little Devil - An unconventional but still sweet lullaby.
Smoker's Waltz- A Project REACH song. Nicotine is a deadly dance partner that won't let go...
Somebody Dreamed a Dream - Before a thing can be created, first it must be dreamed of.
Something I Ate - A kid fantasizes about swallowing his family.
:D Space Party - Written with 5th graders at Skyline Elementary - it's a party in outer space!
Stage Fright - The singer overcomes his stage fright.
Stargazer - Could it be that when I look out into space, somebody's out there looking back at me?
Stampede to Read, original - Written for a 1996 Oklahoma reading campaign.
Stampede to Read, version III - A rewrite of Stampede to Read.
Super Flea - Super Flea and is faithful sidekick Mighty Mutt save the day when the evil Dr. Knowital tries to suck all the knowledge from all the library books!
:video: :pod: Super Scientist - Dedication, perseverance, and patience are her super powers.
:D Super Turtle - Written with 4th graders at Richmond Elementary - a theme song for an imaginary TV show.

:video: :award: :pod: :music: Take Me to Your Library - Meet a new friend from very far away...
:D :video: Talk Like a Pirate Day - Arrr! Yo ho ho! Avast! Ahoy!
:D Technical Hamburger - Written with 4th graders at Richmond Elementary - download and print food from the internet! You heard it here first!
:pod: There's a Vampire in Our Basement - An older brother warns of monsters in the house, but can he be trusted?
There's Something Going On at the Library - It's a Mystery! The singer encounters various apparitions in the library.
:D :music: These Three Flames - for the candle-lighting at a HumanLight celebration.
This Red Ribbon - This red ribbon says I'm drug free!
:D This Is My Day - Written with 5th graders at Skyline Elementary - a celebration of graduation!
Tickle You Blue - The tickle monster's gonna getcha!
:pod: To the Monsters in My Closet - Sing this before you go to bed to keep the monsters out of your head.
Topologically Speaking - Topology is a graduate level subject in mathematics. (Not to be confused with topography!!)
:award: :pod: :music: Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet - (live version) A rude little troll visits, and he won't go away...
:award: :pod: Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet - (original version) A rude little troll visits, and he won't go away...
:award: Tropeo the Pirate - What does a ruthless pirate do with two runaway kids?
Tsunami Band- A workshop song -Rock out beneath the ocean waves!

USA Science and Engineering Festival Theme Song - This song was a finalist in the 2011 USA Science and Engineering Festival song contest.
Using Your Imagination - You could become a space-bound rocket ship...

Vaccination - A Born to Do Science song inspired by the research of Abby Smith. Vaccinate your children!
:pod: :music: Villa Villekulla Hula - I wish I could be like Pippi Longstocking!
Volcanic Rock - A Born to Do Science Café song about volcanoes.

Waialua Bay - Come play with the animals in Waialua Bay
:D Wacky Week - Written with 4th graders at Richmond Elementary - strange days, indeed!
Way-Out West - There are some mighty strange critters out there, according to the books I've read!
:video: The Webkinz Shake (Mr. Billy) - Shake your Webkinz!
:D :pod: Weird Things Happen On Halloween Night - Each verse tells a creepy story.
:D The What-If Game - This Project REACH song helps you visualize situations in which a stranger might pose a threat, and what to do about it.
:pod: What Is the Shape of the Molecule? - A song about protein molecules and x-ray crystallography.
What Goes On? - A Born to Do Science song inspired by Dr. Karen McBee's research in the Tar Creek superfund site.
:pod: When Our Principal Kisses the Pig - In this workshop song students strive to reach their reading goal so they can see their principal kiss a pig.
:video: :pod: :music: :lesson: The Wind Energy Song - The audience becomes a wind farm!

:D Yawn Along Song - You can't not participate!
Yippi Yi Yo, the Last Wild Books of the West - Sadly, they are extinct now, but in the old West, wild books roamed the land!
:award: :music: You're a Dinosaur - You get to become five different dinos in this song about dinosaur behavior.

:D Zoomers - I wrote this song for Zoomers Skate Club in Marion, OH.
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