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Reading Songs Index

Many of my songs celebrate libraries, books, and reading. Here you'll find an index of all my reading songs, plus lyrics, downloads, and more for those reading songs that can't be found elsewhere on CD.

Reading Songs Index

Postby Monty Harper » Fri Aug 21, 2009 10:02 am

Songs Listed by Title
The songs listed here celebrate reading, books and libraries!

:video: = These songs have video to watch.
:D = Download these songs as free MP3s, or listen online.
:pod: = Hear these songs featured in a podcast or radio show.
:music: = Download guitar chords or sheet music for these songs.
:lesson: = Download study guides or lesson plans for these songs.
:award: = These are my award-winning songs!

:video: :D Be Creative At Your Library - Theme song for the 2009 summer library programs
:music: Blast Into Books - Verses celebrate Star Wars and Star Trek - great in the movies, but even better in books!
Books, Ahoy! - Sail away aboard three great books: Charlotte's Web, Winnie the Pooh, and Peter Pan.
The Brainiacs - A family discovers their genius after turning off the TV.
:video: :D Catch the Reading Bug - A theme song for the 2008 Summer Library Programs - can you catch the reading bug?
:award: Diving in the Deep Blue Sea - An underwater adventure in a book.
:music: Dog Books - What do you do if your parents won't let you get the pet you want?
:pod: Don't Look I'm Making a Book - Tells the story of a girl who gets lost in her work - literally.
:D :video: Dream Big - Theme song for the 2012 summer library programs.
:D Drop Everything and Read! (D.E.A.R.) - The perfect way to introduce DEAR time in your classroom!
:award: Get a Clue - Got questions? Get a clue at your library!
Get Creative - Let your library inspire you!
:music: The Great Green Squishy Mean Bibliovore - A cross between a bookworm and a dinosaur...
:D Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library, Detectives Version
:D Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library, Dr. Seuss Version
:D :music: Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library, Live Version - can you guess the hero in each verse?
:D :lesson: Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library, Oklahoma Version
Hanging Out With Heroes at the Library (Two of a Kind)
I'd Sooner Read- Written for the 1996 Oklahoma reading campaign of the same name.
Library Bookaneers- Hey, ho, whadoya know? Head for the high seas with these rollicking library adventurers!
:music: Magical Madcap Tour- A goofy trip around the continents.
My Friend Jake - Meet a 400 pound gorilla - who likes to read.
:D :lesson: Oklahoma Heroes at the Library - Can you guess the Oklahoma hero in each verse?
Pandamonium at the Library - What happens when you teach a little mouse to read?
:music: Paws Claws Scales and Tales - Do you know these famous pets from books?
Paws Claws Scales and Tales Reprise - It's all about a bond of love!
:pod: :music: A Pet Like That - Wouldn't it be cool to have a pet like the ones you read about in Dr. Seuss?
:video: The Princess and the Farmer's Son- Our story-loving hero subdues a dragon and wins the heart of a princess.
Reading Makes Me Want to Dance Out Loud - Dance like these picture book characters!
Rock & Roll, Read All About It - It's the history of Rock set to music!
Stampede to Read, original - Written for a 1996 Oklahoma reading campaign.
Stampede to Read, version III - A rewrite of Stampede to Read
Super Flea
:award: :pod: :music: Take Me to Your Library - Meet a new friend from very far away...
There's Something Going On at the Library - It's a Mystery! The singer encounters apparitions at the library.
Way-Out West - There are some mighty strange critters out there, according to the books I've read!
:pod: When Our Principal Kisses the Pig - In this workshop song students strive to reach their reading goal so they can see their principal kiss a pig.
Yippi Yi Yo, the Last Wild Books of the West - Sadly, they are extinct now, but in the old West, wild books roamed the land!
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