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11 Diving in the Deep Blue Sea

This CD pulls together three summer reading themes that are all about travel; by land, by sea, and by outer space.

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11 Diving in the Deep Blue Sea

Postby Monty Harper » Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:58 am

Diving in the Deep Blue Sea - song lyric

I dance among the dolphins in the shifting light.
I duel a spiny lobster 'til he backs out of sight.
I fly behind a turtle like the tail on a kite
as she heads out from her island nest.

We glide above a pirate ship sunk long ago.
Her coral covered decks enjoy a fashion show
with damsel fish and clown fish flitting to and fro.
It's more dazzling than a treasure chest.

I love going diving in the deep blue sea.
There's an underwater wonderland surrounding me
when I'm diving in the deep blue sea.
Diving in the deep, I just wanna keep on
diving in the deep blue sea!

An octopus and I play hide and seek with a snail.
Our game is interrupted by a humpback whale.
He dives and I dive with him, hanging onto his tail.
We're descending to the deep sea floor.

Down here in the darkness creepy creatures convene,
like luminescent jellies glowing blue and green.
Here's a fish that flashes like a pinball machine.
I'll bet no human's ever seen it before.

That's why... (Repeat Chorus)

What's next? Another descent!
I want to see the tube worms at a hydrothermal vent.
What then? The giant squid!
They've never shared their secrets, but it's time they did.
There's so much ocean to explore,
life on land can seem such a bore.
Oh, please don't make me go ashore!
I just want to keep diving in the deep,
diving in the deep blue sea.

Gradually I'm noticing a voice in my ear.
My mother's calling, "Son it's time for dinner, dear."
I look up to the surface through my scuba gear
and I know my diving day is through.

So I slowly close the cover of my library book.
It's one that's kept me dangling like a fish on a hook.
I'll be angling for a chance to catch another look
'cause it's all about the deep deep blue.

Someday I'll be going... (Repeat Chorus)

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