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These Three Flames (The HumanLight Song)

This is a catch-all category for songs I have written and performed or recorded for various projects that aren't included anywhere else above.

These Three Flames (The HumanLight Song)

Postby Monty Harper » Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:18 am

This song was written to be sung with the candle-lighting ceremony in a HumanLight celebration.

A rough recording:
These Three Flames.mp3
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Sheet music:
These Three Flames.pdf
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These Three Flames (The HumanLight Song) - song lyric

This flame shines with the light of reason
May it illuminate the wonders of our world

This flame glows with a warm compassion
May it expand the caring circle of our love

This flame gleams like a hope-filled beacon
May it sustain us through the darkest winter night

These three flames mark a joyful season
May they unite us in a happy HumanLight

And may
Reason compassion and hope
Light the path of every human life
Monty Harper
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