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Pandemonium at the Library

Many of my songs celebrate libraries, books, and reading. Here you'll find an index of all my reading songs, plus lyrics, downloads, and more for those reading songs that can't be found elsewhere on CD.

Pandemonium at the Library

Postby Monty Harper » Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:54 pm

Pandemonium at the Library - song lyric

Behind a crowd of laughing children checking library books
there hid a little white mouse sneaking curious looks,
and after all the noisy people headed home for the night
that eager mouse began exploring in the quiet moonlight.

He found a dozen funny stories on the picture book shelf.
He thought it sure would be a shame to keep'em all to himself.
So he invited several friends and soon the gathering grew
from one investigative mouse into a raucous reading zoo.

It was pandemonium at the library.
The night the animals took over
for a storybook jamboree.

An avid aardvark with her schnozzle in a volume of Arthur
nearly knocked into a hippo hoarding George and Martha,
and a coiled-up anaconda made a Frog and Toad quake
each time he laughed at Jimmy's Boa or Herman the Snake.

While they were wrapped up reading Charlotte's Web these Three Little Pigs
espied a wolf behind Red Riding Hood and flipped their three wigs.
They made a bee line for the exit but they couldn't get through.
There was an elephant there perusing Horton Hears a Who.

Repeat Chorus

A learned turtle skimming Yertle and the Tortoise and Hare
advised a Very Quiet Cricket on finding Times Square.
A bird and bat were making friends with Stellaluna to thank.
A poor Old Yeller hound was sniffin' round for Clifford and Hank.

A testy tiger prowling Jungle Book was growling the smile
right off a crocodile who kept on cracking up over Lyle
while some enormous Wild Thing holed up under the stairs
was reading Winnie the Pooh and the Berenstain Bears.

Repeat Chorus

A prickly porcupine was playing a tune from Emit Otter
while the penguins marched like they read in Mr. Popper
and a monkey finished flipping through Caps For Sale
picked out a Curious George while keeping time with his tail.

A baby badger browsing Francis made up words to the song
and in a beat the whole menagerie was singing along.
With paws and claws and hooves drumming every surface at hand,
they made a sound that would astound the Happy Hedgehog Band.

Kazoo Solo

Well they sang and danced to the rhythm and rhyme,
And they didn't slow a bit before the morning time.
That tidy turtle started stacking all the stories they'd read
into a heap of fiction higher than the elephant's head.

Repeat Chorus

The new librarian who sauntered in to open at dawn
was sure surprised to see those crazy creatures carrying on.
There was a panic when they caught the stormy look in her eye.
They cleared their mess A.S.A.P. and gave a hasty goodbye.

But here's a secret - every Friday now at quarter to ten
she greets that herd of beastly readers for a party again.
'cause If You Give a Mouse a Cookie he'll desire milk indeed,
but what delight when you invite a Little Critter to read!

You get pandamonium at the library.
See'em dancing down the isles
A rock 'n' roll 'n' readin' stampede.
Pandamonium at the library.
When the animals take over
with so many great books to read.
Monty Harper
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