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01 Get a Clue

In 2007 Oklahoma celebrated its statehood centennial. That same summer the Kansas reading theme was "Get a Clue." I combined the two themes on this CD with five songs about mysteries and five songs about Oklahoma history.

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01 Get a Clue

Postby Monty Harper » Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:23 am

I wrote this song for the 2007 summer reading theme. The recording features the ScribbleMonster band!

Get a Clue - song lyric

I used to lie awake late at night
Questions running round in my mind
Were there ever pirates here? Did they bury treasure near?
Could there still be treasure to find?

I used to pester my mom
I was a never-ending question machine
Why were the mummies mummified? What did the pyramids hide inside?
What do Egyptian hieroglyphs mean?

My mom said you should look for a good
book to help you to

Get a clue. (Become a biblio-slueth)
Get a clue. (In your pursuit of the truth.)
Get a clue. (Be where you need to be.)
Get a clue at your library.

I used to grumble at TV shows
When the information felt incomplete.
They just said a carnotaur was a vicious carnivore
So what kind of meat did he eat?

I used to bug my best friend
I was a question-popping pain on the bus
Will we ever walk on Mars? Is there life among the stars?
Are they out there signaling us?

My friend said you should look for a good
book to help you to

Repeat Chorus

Now I still pester my poor mom
Whenever questions pester me
But these days I’ve been asking her
for a ride to the library
I found books about mummies, carnataurs,
and the lives of a pirate crew
If you have questions, check it out
You’ll be glad you decided to

Repeat Chorus

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Re: 01 Get a Clue

Postby LaurieT » Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:31 pm

Hey, what's the melody to this song? ;)
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Get a Clue Melody

Postby Monty Harper » Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:47 pm

Hi Laurie,

Don't strain yourself now, thinking up things to say to enter the free CD challenge!

You found a free download!
01 Get a Clue.mp3
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